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Deutsche Sprachversion - German Language VersionRane DJ customers expect and deserve the very best. 

Each of us here at Rane DJ are deeply committed to delivering the world’s best DJ performance tools, world-class reliability, and industry-leading support.

If you have a concern or issue of any kind, please let us know so we can make it right.  You can contact Rane DJ support at  (401) 659-8192 or online at www.dj.rane.com/support.


Rane DJ TWELVE motor firmware update

Rane DJ is providing a complimentary update to the TWELVE that resolves a rare bug in which the TWELVE motor may fail to stop as intended.

We have identified a bug which can cause the Rane TWELVE platter to change direction and speed when a DJ applies a quick pull-back, while simultaneously tapping the Start/Stop button.

Although most users will never experience it, this behavior is evident in rare cases and can be corrected by pressing ‘Stop’ twice. 

We are however recommending this complimentary motor firmware update which requires a return of the unit to an authorized Rane Service Center.

While most updates to the TWELVE will be user-installable in the field via USB, this motor firmware update must be installed directly to the motor itself using special equipment at our factory authorized service center.


How to send your TWELVE to Rane for this complimentary update

To make arrangements for your TWELVE to receive this complimentary motor firmware update, please contact Rane DJ support at (401) 659-8192 or by using the form below:


  • We’ll send you a pre-paid return shipping label, an RMA to track your request, and return instructions.
  • Your motor firmware will be updated and your TWELVE shipped out within one business day of receipt.


Will I have to pay for shipping?

No way. Every customer-owned product is provided with pre-paid return shipping to our facility, and with priority turnaround service.

This is regardless of the serial number or reason it's being sent in. This is our Flagship product, and you are our Flagship customers.


Should I include everything, or leave out the accessories?


Please ship the TWELVE base unit ONLY using the provided pre-paid shipping label and RMA.

Do not include the platter, slipmat, vinyl, power cable, USB cable, documentation or any accessories.

  • Include just the base.  The original box will provide the best protection.

  • Do not include any of the accessory items below:


Have additional questions?

If you have a question or concern of any kind, please let us know so we can make it right. You can contact Rane DJ support at (401) 659-8192 or online at www.dj.rane.com/support.


Rane DJ TWELVE complimentary motor firmware update request

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