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Using Post Fader Software DJ-FX with Rane Mixers

A great feature of the Rane Sixty-One, Sixty-Two, and Sixty-Eight mixers is the ability to route the Scratch Live DJ-FX plug-in through the mixers for Post Fader software effects.

Pre or Post Fader?

The difference between a pre-fader and post-fader effect is that a pre-fader effect will be applied before it is routed through the mixer channel therefore with FX such as echo, delay and reverb, the tail of these effects will not be audible when closing the fader on that channel. This is where post-fader effects are useful when DJ'ing and can add great musicality to mixes.


How to set-up Scratch Live and your Rane mixer for post fader DJ-FX:

  1. Open the latest version of Scratch Live.
  2. Connect your mixer to your computer via USB.
  3. Click on the Plug-ins tab, click on the DJ-FX option and check the options to “Enable DJ-FX plug-in” and “Enable mixer DJ-FX send”.

*You will need to always make sure to activate the "USB insert" feature on the mixers. For the Sixty-Two and Sixty-Eight, also make sure to turn on the green “ON” button for the built-in mixer effects. This will allow you to send the audio from your mixer channels back into the software DJ-FX using the Flex FX loop.

Using the software FX from your Rane mixer.

Now that we have set this up, it's time to give it a go. Here is an example of how to use this set up:

  1. Select your desired effect in the program. Select a simple Echo for now.
  2. Se the desired “Beat” for this effect.
  3. Adjust the Dry/Wet knob for the selected effect.
  4. Click the ON button to turn ON the effect.
  5. Now, press the Flex FX button for the channel you are using for playback on the mixer or for the Mic.
  6. You should then hear the Echo being applied to the audio. If you drop the fader for that channel, you will notice the main track will mute but the Echo will continue as it slowly degrades (depending on your Dry/Wet setting).
  7. If you wanted to apply this effect to a track playing on another channel or mic, simply press the Flex FX button for that particular channel or mic.

Congratulations! You have just setup Scratch Live’s DJ-FX for Post Fader use on your mixer.