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Using MIDI OX to Troubleshoot MIDI Issues.

MIDI OX is a resource for Windows users who are needing to see if and how their connected MIDI devices are communicating with their computer. This is great tool to use when a MIDI controller is simply not working. Using this tool will help determine whether the issue is the controller not communicating with your computer or the software not communicating with the controller.


  • Download MIDI OX here:
  • Once installed, open MIDI OX.
  • Click the midi icon at the top of Midi Ox that says 'select midi devices to open' when you hover your mouse over the icon. (The icon is the one within the red box in the image below)


  • A window will pop up and you should see your midi device listed in the 'Midi Inputs' window. In the image below the MIDI device is 1) USB Audio Device. Click on your MIDI device.

Note: If you don't see any midi device listed then your computer is not seeing the device. Try unplugging any other USB devices, other than the one you are trying to use, and quitting and re-opening MIDI OX. If MIDI OX still doesn’t see the device try plugging your device into the other available USB ports on the computer and/or use a different USB cable. If your computer still doesn’t see the device please contact the hardware manufacturer who designed the MIDI controller you are using for support.


  • Once the MIDI device is selected bang on your controller. If you see any data getting written in the main window of MIDI Ox then your computer will be communicating with your controller.


  •  Open Scratch Live and see if your MIDI device is listed under the MIDI tab in Setup. If it is, but your MIDI device still isn’t working, try these steps:
  1. Shut down SSL.
  2. Open the default Music folder on your internal drive.
  3. Open the _Serato_ folder.
  4. Open the MIDI folder (If you don’t see a MIDI folder within your Serato folder create one; making sure you use all caps).
  5. Delete the Autosave.xml file. (You won’t see this file if you had to create your own MIDI folder.
  6. Now re-open SSL and give it a test.