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The Most Professional Way to Organize and Manage your Music Library with Scratch Live

Whether you are on a MAC or PC this would be the most secure and professional way to organize your Music collection for use with Scratch Live:


 1. Locate your generic Music folder on the internal HD.

- Many times this is located in Mac HD/Users/Music for MAC or Start/Music on Windows.

TIP: Feel free to use an external drive



2. Build a folder in this Music folder (or in the external HD) that has a name you would like - this is where we are going to store the Music you collect from now on. I name my folder "DJ MUSIC."



-Inside of this folder I have built various folders to help organize my Music.

For example: Mac HD/Users/Music/DJ MUSIC/

Pre-funk Tracks
House Sets
Latin Blendz
Country Bangerz

Once I have these folders built, I then start listening to my Music and organizing it into these folders


3. Now that my whole Music collection has been organized, I am ready to open ScratchLIVE and import these folders in.

- From there, click on the Files button to open the Files Window.

-Navigate to the DJ MUSIC folder you have built. Inside of here you will see the folders you have built which have your Music organized nice and neatly within them.

-Click on one of these folders and hit Ctrl+A for Windows or Cmd+A for MAC.

This will highlight all the folders.

-You can then Drag N Drop these folders in the Crate section of Scratch Live (located to the left of the program).




4. Once you drop these folders in the Crate section, Scratch Live will create Crates for you with the same folder names and all Music will be imported.


Updating your Folders with new Music and then updating your Crates

  • When you get new Music, make sure to close Scratch Live, go to your DJ MUSIC folder, listen to your Music, and then organize it into the folders.



  • Once this is done, open Scratch Live, open the Files Window, and locate the DJ MUSIC folder again. Drag the organized Folders to their matching Crates one by one to update the Crates with the new files you have imported into the folders. Don’t worry, the previously imported songs will NOT be duplicated.



  • Repeat this process as you get new Music.