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Rane DJ SEVENTY-TWO - Save & Load User Preferences

rane seventytwo mainThe RANE DJ SEVENTY-TWO mixer saves all changes to mixer preferences in the onboard flash memory. But, the mixer also includes a control panel application so that you can make and store changes on your computer, and even create a backup file for later. This guide will go over downloading the RANE DJ SEVENTY-TWO control panel, basic settings descriptions and how to use them, and how to save and load backup files to your SEVENTY-TWO.




Downloading and Installing the Control Panel

The RANE DJ SEVENTY-TWO control panel is available on the product page under the Downloads tab, or by simply connecting the SEVENTY-TWO to your computer and opening Serato DJ Pro 2.0.2 or later. Serato will prompt you to install a driver for the SEVENTY-TWO and this will simultaneously install the control panel. A driver is not necessary for Mac users, but Serato will issue the prompt anyway to provide a download for the control panel. 

  1. Turn on the Rane DJ Seventy-Two mixer, and connect a USB cable to port A or B on the rear panel to an available USB port on your computer.
  2. Open Serato DJ Pro, you will then be prompted to install the Rane DJ Seventy-Two driver, click on "Install Driver".

    SeventyTwoDeviceSettings Install 2
  3. This will open the "Rane Seventy-Two Device Settings 1.0.6" installer.

    SeventyTwoDeviceSettings Install2
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Device Settings application.

    SeventyTwoDeviceSettings Install3

    SeventyTwoDeviceSettings Install6
  5. Once the install is complete, you will find the Rane DJ Seventy-Two Device Settings in your Applications folder.



Available settings and adjustments 

With the Rane DJ Seventy-Two Device Settings application you can access many of the same Menu settings that are available on the Rane DJ Seventy-Two mixer. To access the Rane DJ Seventy-Two Device Settings application, you must have the Rane DJ Seventy-Two mixer powered on and connected to your computer's USB port. If not you will receive a prompt that Rane DJ Seventy-Two is not connected and the application will now close.

SeventyTwoDeviceSettings DeviceDisconnected

General Tab

USB Port Status: You can see if the Rane DJ Seventy-Two is recognized by your computer. Active shows it is currently or was in use by Serato DJ Pro. Local shows to which USB Port on the Rane DJ Seventy-Two is in use by your computer. 

Main Out: This will allow you to set the main output of the Seventy-Two mixer to either "Stereo" or "Mono"

Headphone Tone: This slider will help adjust the tone for the headphone output. The closer the slider is to “Low” will give heavier bass output in the headphones, and the closer to move towards “High”, will eliminate some of the bass and give more high-frequency output. 

Mic 1 Clean Feed:

  • On - You will not hear any of the vocals from Mic Input 1 if you are recording your set and using the mic during the performance in the final saved recording.
  • Off - You will hear any vocals from Mic Input 1 if you are recording your set and using the mic during the performance in the final saved recording. 

Fader Cut In: Allows you to set how far you have to move the channel/crossfader before audio is heard through the outputs.

FootSwitch: You will notice on the front of the Rane DJ Seventy-Two there is a footswitch input, this will allow you to use a foot switch that you can use to trigger Deck 1 and Deck 2’s FX, or you can select MIDI to manually map the foot switch to trigger something else in Serato DJ Pro.

SeventyTwoDeviceSettings BeforeLoad

Deck Inputs 1-2 Tab 

In this section, you can adjust the Phono input sensitivity for Deck 1 and Deck 2 between 2.5mV to 10mV. If you feel that the signal coming in through the phono inputs is too strong or weak, you can use this to increase or decrease the input level. You can also adjust the Filter Resonance between 0-100% and set the Tone Crossover for your phono inputs as well.
SeventyTwoDeviceSettings DecksTab



How to Save and Load Device Settings

When you make changes on your Rane DJ Seventy-Two mixer directly in the Menu screen, those changes are saved to the flash memory of the mixer within 5 seconds of making any changes. 

The major benefit of the Device Settings application is the ability to save and load your Rane DJ Seventy-Two mixer settings. Here is how to save and load your mixer preferences using the application. 

  1. Connect the Rane DJ Seventy-Two mixer to an available USB port on your computer and power the mixer on. Open the Rane DJ Seventy-Two Device Settings application.

  2. Upon opening, your current saved preferences from the hardware will load in the Device Settings control panel.
    SeventyTwoDeviceSettings BeforeLoad

  3. Make any necessary changes and when you're ready to save, click Save in the bottom-right hand corner. A window will appear where you can name your file and choose a save location. You may want to consider creating a folder in a safe place where you can store all of your backups, like a personal USB drive. The file will save as a ".r72"  file that is specific to the Seventy-Two. 
    SeventyTwoDeviceSettings SaveScreen

  4. When you arrive at the venue or gig with the Rane DJ Seventy-Two that is not your own personal mixer, you can open the Device Settings application, click Load.  Locate your backup file and click Open. The preferences file will load to the Rane DJ Seventy-Two flash memory instantly, and the Device Settings application.
    SeventyTwoDeviceSettings LoadScreen
  5. You are all set to start your gig with your preferences now loaded!
    SeventyTwoDevice Settings AfterLoad

Further Technical Support  

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Rane DJ product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Rane DJ technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.


, this will allow you to access the following settings for your Rane DJ Seventy-Two mixer.