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Migrating Your iTunes Library to Scratch Live

For those people that have invested a lot of time organizing their music in iTunes, but want to stop relying on iTunes to import their files into Scratch Live, this article is for you. Using iTunes to import your music collection into Scratch Live can be a bit sketchy at times, especially when a new iTunes update is available. This article will explain how to transfer your iTunes playlists into Scratch Live crates and how to get new music imported in Scratch Live, while continuing to import and store music in iTunes like you have been.


1. Open Scratch Live and make sure the 'Read iTunes Library' option is checked.



2. Go back to the main screen and click on the blue Library folder to view your iTunes playlists.


3. Create crates by clicking on the brown crate icon at the bottom of the crate section.


4. Name the crates the same name as the Playlists being read from iTunes. Simply double click on the crate name, rename it, and press enter. In this example I've created a House and Techno crate.


5. Select all the files in a particular playlist by clicking on one file in the playlist and holding down CTRL + A (PC) or Command + A (Mac). Once highlighted, drag/drop them into the same named crate you created.


6. Once all your playlists are transferred into crates, uncheck the 'Read iTunes Library' option in the Setup screen. All the same files and organized crate structure has been copied to Scratch Live, only now, Scratch Live will no longer be relying on iTunes to import your music.


Adding new music:


Now that your iTunes playlists have been transferred into crates, how do you get new files added to iTunes to show up in Scratch Live? Easy!


  1. Import your newly added files to iTunes like you have been doing and then exit iTunes.
  2. Temporarily check the 'read iTunes Library' option within the Scratch Live setup screen Library tab.
  3. Allow Scratch Live to import files coming from iTunes.
  4. Locate the newly added songs and drag/drop them into the crates they belong in.
  5. If you’re having trouble locating the new files, create an 'Added' column within Scratch Live and group your library by the date 'Added'.
  6. Once you've moved the new files into crates, go back to the Setup screen and uncheck the 'read iTunes Library' option.


That's it!