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iTunes Troubleshooting Guide

Having Scratch Live read your iTunes library can create problems. Whether your iTunes library doesn’t import, tags aren’t getting updated, or files aren’t playable; one of these three steps should solve the issue.


Rescanning your id3 tags in iTunes:

1. Close all programs/software running on your computer.

2. Launch your iTunes application.

3. Click on your 'Music' within the "Library" menu, to show all the files in your library.'



4. Select all files by pressing Command + A (Mac)  or Control + A (Windows).

5. Right click on the highlighted area and select "Get Info" from the drop down menu.



6. Click 'yes' when asked if you want to edit multiple items.



7. Click 'ok' at the bottom of the edit page.

8. Close iTunes once it has finished processing.


Creating a new iTunes database:

1. Close your Serato Software and iTunes application.

2. Navigate to your iTunes folder in either your 'My music' folder (Windows XP) or the default 'Music' folder (Mac/Vista/Windows 7) on your internal drive.

3. Drag and drop the 'iTunes Library.itl' (database file) to your desktop.



4. Open up iTunes and you will have an empty library.

5. Click on the 'file' drop down menu, then select 'Library, and choose to 'Import Playlist'.



6. Navigate to your iTunes folder and choose to import the 'iTunes Library.xml' file.



7. Once imported, close iTunes once it has finished processing.

8. Open your Serato Software.


Creating a new iTunes.xml file:

1. Open your 'My music' folder (Windows XP) or default 'Music' folder(Mac/Vista/Windows 7).

2. Open your 'iTunes' folder.

3. Drag the 'iTunes Music Library.xml' file to your desktop.



4. Open iTunes (let it scan if necessary).

5. Close iTunes.

6. After that rename your database V2 files on both your internal and external drives by following the instructions here.

7. Open your Serato software.


If you are still having trouble getting your iTunes files or playlists to show up in your Serato software, please contact the support team by starting a Help Request from here.