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How-to Use the Rane Sixty-Two MIDI Layers

Since the release of v1.17 firmware, the Rane Sixty-Two mixer has been capable of changing MIDI Layers in order to MIDI map controls to multiple functions under different contexts (i.e. MIDI layers). Changing the MIDI Layer is the same thing as changing the MIDI channel.


checking and updating firmware


To check which firmware you have installed, go to the Scratch Live setup screen Hardware tab (see below).



If a new firmware version of available, click the Update firmware button.




midi layers


The MIDI Layers used for Left Deck and Right Deck can be independently selected.



The third group of controls (outlined in yellow below) that is not associated with PGM 1, PGM 2 or either control strip will use the MIDI Layer of the group that it is assigned to with the SP-6 ASSIGN button. The crossfader is the only control that will only send traffic on MIDI Layer 1.



Holding down the CUES / SAMPLES button will turn all of the Cue buttons yellow. The Left Deck Cue buttons and Right Deck Cue buttons will each have one Cue button brightly lit. The button that is brightly lit indicates the current MIDI Layer for that group.



While holding down the CUES / SAMPLES button, press the Cue button corresponding with the desired MIDI Layer. This will change the MIDI Layer for the deck that Cue button belongs to. It is not necessary to wait for the Cue buttons to display the current MIDI Layer in order to change the MIDI Layer.



MIDI layer corresponds to the MIDI channel (e.g. MIDI Layer 1 is MIDI Channel 1, MIDI Layer 2 is MIDI Channel 2 etc.). In the example below, the left deck is assigned to MIDI channel 2 and the right deck is assigned to MIDI Channel 3.



NOTE: The Scratch Live controls on the mixer’s control strips are not mappable in Layer 1 because they are reserved for the default Scratch Live functions. These mixer controls are fully mappable in Scratch Live on all other MIDI Layers. When using the Sixty-Two with other applications, all controls on all layers are mappable.