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How-to Setup iTunes for DJ Software

This Article is designed to help you setup iTunes properly before building and organizing your Music Library within the iTunes application.

Note: When using DJ software applications, 3rd party programs such as iTunes are not necessarily the best or most reliable way to organize your music Library collection.


Ready set go

Open iTunes -> Click iTunes Tab in the top left corner -> Select Preferences -> Go to Advanced Tab. On a Windows Machine you will need to click on the “Edit” tab to access iTunes’ Preferences.

  • Uncheck "Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized". 

*Turning off this option will stop iTunes from moving your audio files around. This will avoid missing files from showing up within your DJ program, since they will no longer be shifted around by iTunes.

  • Uncheck "Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder when adding to Library"

*Turning off this option will prevent duplicates of your audio files being created when importing music into iTunes. Having this option ON may result in doubles within your DJ program and eat up unnecessary space on your computer’s internal drive. You should only have this option checked when you are 100% sure you would like iTunes to create copies of all the music you drag into the iTunes Library.



  • Click on the Playback Tab within the iTunes Preferences window.
  • Uncheck the "Sound Check" option.

*This can cause songs to distort or overdrive the DJ program you’re using. Use the deck gains within your virtual decks to adjust playback level. Most DJ programs remember the individual gain setting for each song loaded and adjusted.   


  • Click on the General Tab.
  • Uncheck any of the Playlist Options under the “Library Name” section in this Tab. This will hide all of the unwanted/unused Playlist in iTunes and DJ software you’re using, such as, Podcast , TV Shows, Radio Lists, etc.



  • Click on "Import Settings" 
  • Select to Import Using your preferred Audio Format (Most common is MP3)

*Just this Setting to the highest quality available. You may want to enter the Custom Setting option to select the highest quality possible. 320Kbps is best for MP3 Audio.

Click OK.


You’re finished!

You can now close the iTunes Preferences Window. That’s it!