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TTM57mkII Mixer
TTM57mkII Mixer
TTM57mkII Mixer
TTM57mkII Mixer
TTM57mkII Mixer

TTM57mkII Mixer

TTM57mkII Mixer

Battle Proven

When introduced in 2006 the TTM57SL broke ground as the first ever DJ mixer with built-in USB sound card and tightly integrated Serato software controls. When discontinued in 2013, the TTM57SL had developed a cult-like following.

The TTM57mkII stays true to its original design by supporting familiar workflow while improving performance and software integration. Updated software controls include silicone RGB backlit pads for triggering four cue points per deck or the SP-6 sampler. Classic joystick controls toggle slip, instant doubles, internal mode, censor, and transform. Dedicated auto-loop & loop roll controls with back-lit buttons. Intuitive Serato DJ iZotope FX controls for easy & quick access.

The mixer features Rane's exclusive dual USB port architecture for intuitive DJ change over and supports creative dual computer applications. The TTM57mkII is a classic reborn.

Key improvements include:

  • Dual USB 2.0 high-speed class-compliant audio and MIDI USB ports:
    • No driver required on a Mac
    • High-performance ASIO driver for Windows
    • Ten record and ten playback channels per port
  • Sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 96 kHz.
  • Dedicated Serato DJ iZotope USB FX inserts for each deck.
  • Software color-coded silicone RGB back-lit pads.
  • Aux USB input dedicated to the SP-6 sampler.
  • 3 High/Low-Pass sweep filters for Decks 1, 2 and Aux.
  • Rane’s proprietary non-contact magnetic faders.

Two Deck Bus Controls

  • Each bus selects USB Port A or B computer playback, a Phono / CD deck input, or an Aux line-level input.
    • Gain trim and metering.
  • Sweepable Low / High-pass effect Filter.
  • 3-band full-cut tone controls:
    • Kill switches are momentary on/off.
    • Press SHIFT and a Kill to latch it on.


Direct Serato Deck Controls

  • Software FX on/off button.
  • FX knob parameter adjustment:
    • Turn to scroll through FX.
    • Press to select the FX.
    • Hold SHIFT to change the Beats parameter.
  • LOOP knob selects the loop length.
    • Press it to engage Auto Loop.
    • Hold down ROLL for Loop Roll.
  • LIBRARY knob scrolls songs or crates: 
    • Press to load a song or crate.
    • Hold SHIFT to tab between song and crate selection.
  • TRANSFORM joystick:
    • Press for Transform on/off.
    • Transform on: any direction cuts the audio.
    • Transform off: multifunction software control (gray text).

Trigger Serato DJ Cues and Samples

  • CUES / SAMPLES button toggles between Cues and Samples.
    • The button is lit when Cues are active.
  • Four Cues per Deck. The active USB follows the Deck source selection. 
    • Lit button colors match the Cue colors in Serato DJ software.
    • Press an un-lit button to create a new Cue. Hold SHIFT to delete a Cue.
  • Six Sample triggers and Bank select buttons (Bank up and Bank down). 
    • A lit button indicates a ready-to-play sample in Serato DJ.

The USB Aux Input is usually from the Serato SP-6 sample player, with it's own Level control, Low / High-pass sweep Filter and headphone cue. The USB Cue overrides any Deck Cue when it's on.

Dual USB Ports for Simple DJ Changeover

With a computer plugged into each USB port, simply switch a mixer Deck selector to USB A or USB B and audio and MIDI are assigned. Seamlessly switch from one DJ to the next using Serato DJ or other 3rd-party audio software.

Each port can stream 20 channels of low-latency audio at 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz.

A typical setup includes two Serato DVS decks, software FX through independent USB digital inserts for each Deck, and the SP-6 sample player on its own USB Aux input.

Deck Cue, Pan, and Split Cue

The Cue slider cues Deck 1 or Deck 2 by moving the slider accordingly. This lets you adjust a Deck volume in the headphones without raising the Deck Gain control.

When Split Cue is off, the Cue / Main Pan knob balances how much stereo cue and stereo main mix you hear in the headphones. 

When Split Cue is on, the Cued Deck goes to the left headphone cup and the Main mix goes to the right cup. The Cue / Main Pan knob balances how much Cue (left) and Main (right) is heard in the headphones. 

TTM57mkII Unique Features

  • Durable Lexan faceplate (no paint to wear off)
  • Channel High, Mid, and Low Kill switches
  • Filter Resonance adjustment
  • MIDI-mappable footswitch jack to any parameter
  • SP-6 Sampler Input Filter control
  • SP-6 Sampler Input Headphone Cue
  • Headphone Split Cue Mode (Cue in the left ear and Main Mix in the right ear.)
  • Changeable EQ crossover points
  • Transform Joysticks with extra up/down/left/right functions
  • Easy access to Serato deck INT mode
  • Slip ON/OFF quick controls
  • Scroll access through all Serato DJ-FX
  • Adjustable Serato DJ-FX Wet/Dry controls
  • Session Output with a Volume Control
  • External effects processor loop with +4 & -10 level switch
  • Up-fader Channel Swap switch
  • Three-year warranty with great customer support

Magnetic Crossfader and Channel Faders

The proprietary Rane magnetic faders are fast, accurate, and long lasting.

The design uses non-contact technology previously reserved for demanding aerospace and industrial applications. No travel noise—no bleed—ever.

Rane's magnetic faders accurately translate hand motion into precise audio level control. Non-contact fader technology is the only way to fully address the needs of the professional performance DJ.

Both channel faders and the crossfader are magnetic. These faders are easy to clean, and with proper maintenance, should last the life of the mixer. Should one become damaged, you can easily replace it. All three faders are interchangeable. 

Class Compliant Dual USB Ports

Dual USB ports provide simultaneous connection of two computers, enabling back-to-back sets between laptop DJs running different software without compromise or interruption—no easy feat.

The USB ports are 100% class compliant, allowing hook-up to any Mac OS X device without the need for an additional driver.

The included high-performance ASIO driver runs most Windows DAW and DJ software. Get it from the Downloads tab on this page.

MIDI end points are class-compliant with both OS X and Windows devices.

Includes Serato DJ software

Rane is pleased to announce that our products which previously included Serato Scratch Live software are now fully supported by and include Serato DJ software. DJs currently using Serato Scratch Live with supported Rane hardware have the option to migrate to the new and improved Serato DJ free of charge. If you’re familiar with Scratch Live, the transition to Serato DJ is easy and intuitive. Serato DJ is a free upgrade supporting the Sixty-One, Sixty-Two, Sixty-Eight, SL2, SL3, and SL4.

Serato DJ provides support for DVS (digital vinyl system), iZotope FX, Sync, Slip Mode, more Cue points, jump-to-loop, an improved 24-slot sampler and takes advantage of the high performance, ultra-low latency Rane ASIO and Core Audio drivers. Both programs share compatible song libraries, the same general workflow and deck layout.

Upgrading is optional -- Serato Scratch Live will still work with the Sixty-One, Sixty-Two, Sixty-Eight, SL2, SL3, and SL4. You can have both programs installed, and use one or the other. You can also use the included Core Audio and ASIO drivers to run any other popular DJ and DAW software program you like.

Read our blog post about what changes Scratch Live users can expect here.

Find out more and download Serato DJ here.

Vertical view mode
Stack view mode
Library view mode
Horizontal view mode
Extended view mode

Virtual DJ

Native Support

This DJ product has Virtual DJ native support, with most software controls MIDI-mapped to Rane Mixer controls. Pre-defined audio configurations are included for the Rane SL2, SL3, and SL4. Tap into the full powers of your Rane Mixer with audio, video, and DVS timecode plug & play in Virtual DJ 8. Download it at

Guaranteed Love

The best warranty coverage and technical support in the industry.

  • 1-year limited USA warranty for all registered products. Rest assured, when you buy new Rane gear, we have you covered with our unbeatable 1-year warranty. For details: Rane USA Limited Warranty
  • Free no-hassle technical support. When you call our friendly and knowledge support team during business hours, you'll immediately reach a real human being. No robot phone menus, ever!

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Rafael from Rane demonstrates selecting and using Serato DJ FX using the TTM57mkII Mixer controls.

Keys 'N Krates perform with the Rane TTM57mkII

Skratch Bastid, NXWXRK Routine with the Rane TTM57mkII


Tech Specs

Analog Inputs

4 Stereo unbalanced RCA jacks

  • Phono or Line level input, rear panel switches for each input.
    • Max Line Input: 4 Vrms
  • Phono Response: RIAA ±1 dB, Gain: 31 dB at 1 kHz
    • Rumble filter: Butterworth 3rd-order Infrasonic
    • Max Phono Input:126 mV



24-bit, 48 kHz; Dynamic range 102 dB A-weighted


24-bit, 48 kHz; Dynamic range 108 dB A-weighted

Digital Signal Processing

32-bit floating point

USB Audio

Five Stereo Record, Five Stereo Playback

44.1, 48, or 96 kHz, 24-bit PCM

  • Class-compliant, no driver needed for Mac OSX*.
  • ASIO driver provided for Windows 7-SP1, Windows 8 and 8.1.

*Firmware update required for support on macOS 10.12 Sierra and higher.


Stereo unbalanced ¼˝ TS (tip-sleeve) phone jack send and return

Mic Input

Balanced ¼˝ TRS & XLR combination jack.

Single-knob High / Low Tone control.

Mic / Line level switch to connect a wireless receiver.

Frequency Response

20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.25 dB, Line in to Line out

Dynamic Range

101 dB A-weighted


<0.01% re 0 dBFS, 20 to 20 kHz, 20 kHz BW

Line Outputs

Unbalanced jacks (RCA & FlexFX): Maximum 4 Vrms

Balanced jacks (Main 1/4˝): Maximum 8 Vrms


Internal Universal Power Supply

100 to 240 VAC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz, 15 W max

Unit Size

14˝ x 10˝ x 4˝ (35.6 x 25.4 x 10.2 cm)

8 lb (3.7 kg)

Shipping Size

7.75˝ H x 15˝ W x 19.25˝ D (19.7 x 38.1 x 49 cm)

12 lb (5.5 kg)


macOS Sierra Compatibility

For compatibility instructions with macOS Sierra, please see our article here

Download File

Rane Control Panel for Mac OS X 10.9.5 - 10.12.1

Rane Control Panel is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9.5 - 10.12.1

Download File

Rane Control Panel 2.4.0 for Mac OS X 10.7.5 and higher

Rane Control Panel 2.4.0 is compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 and higher

Download File

Rane Control Panel 2.4.0 for Windows 7-SP1 and higher

Rane Control Panel 2.4.0 including the ASIO/MIDI driver is compatible with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and higher

Download File

TTM57mkII Mixer Manual

Download File

High Resolution Photos

High-resolution photos for printing can be downloaded here.

Download File

TTM57mkII Data Sheet

Download File

Serato DJ Data Sheet

Download File

Rane DJ Product Comparison

Download File

Serato DJ Software

Download File

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