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MM 8z Mojo Mixer

MM 8z Mojo Mixer

MM 8z Mojo Mixer

The MM 8x and MM 8z feature eight stereo Inputs. Each of the four assignable buses contains its own three-band EQ, allowing separate equalization of different sources. The four faders are grouped in two pairs, allowing a custom mix of two input sources on each side of the crossfader.

Two Pre/Post crossfader assign switches add flexibility. The first allows summing A Mix Channel 1, Pre or Post crossfader. The second allows summing B Mix Channel 4, Pre or Post crossfader.

The Crossfader Contour control  allows adjusting the "shape" of the Crossfader response from a gentle curve for smooth, long-running fades, to the steep pitch required for top performance cut and scratch effects.

Active Crossfader technology combines voltage controlled amplifier design with a professional quality crossfader control. Virtually all crossfader noise is eliminated. Channel to channel crosstalk is greatly reduced and the off isolation of the faded channel is greatly increased. Active Crossfader technology dramatically increases the service life of the crossfader. In the unlikely event of crossfader failure, there is no loss of signal. If a crossfader becomes rough or noisy, it may be "hot-swapped" during a performance without interruptions of the audio signal. Simply use the input faders to set the audio levels while the crossfader is out of service. The crossfader may be replaced with either a 60 mm version or a 45 mm version, your choice.

Each of the four Phono (RIAA) Inputs switch to Line Level via rear panel switches. Both the Main and Aux Mic Inputs route through Bass and Treble controls. The Main Mic input has an Effects Loop. The main program signal includes a stereo Master Loop for equalization or processing. The Tape Output can be switched to exclude the Master Loop signal and record the unprocessed program signal.

The MM 8z doesn't scrimp on its powerful Headphone Cueing system in which one or more channels may be cued at one time. The metering can be switched to monitor stereo main output or mono cue on one side and mono program on the other. The MM 8z's recessed top mounted jacks provide room for cabling in tight DJ coffins or racks without sacrificing its compact 4" depth.

The MM 8z replaced the MM 8x in 1998 by adding pre / post crossfader assigns and a crossover contour control.

Manuals for both models are available from the Downloads link.



MM 8z Schematic

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MM 8z Data Sheet

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MM 8z Manual

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MM 8x Schematic

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MM 8x Manual

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MM 8x Data Sheet

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