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Gold DMC World Champion Prize Mixers

2015 Gold DMC TTM57mkII

Gold DMC World Champion Prize Mixers

2014 Gold DMC Sixty-Four

Gold DMC World Champion Prize Mixers

2013 Gold DMC Sixty-Two

Gold DMC World Champion Prize Mixers

2012 Gold DMC Sixty-Two

Gold DMC World Champion Prize Mixers

2011 Gold DMC Sixty-Eight

Gold DMC World Champion Prize Mixers

Gold DMC World Champion Prize Mixers

Rane became involved with sponsorship of USA DMC events in 2001 and became a sponsor with DMC World in 2008. Rane views DJ mixers as the DJ’s musical instrument. The DMC DJ’s push products to their limits as they showcase their musical talent.

The traditional prize for DMC World Champions was a pair of gold Technics turntables. When Panasonic shut down production of their classic 1200 series turntables, Rane stepped up and built one-off gold mixers for the DMC World Championship prize.

DJ Vekked DMC World Champion 2015

In 2011, Vekked claimed his first major DJ title becoming the Canadian DMC champ. Vekked began practicing for 2012 right away and successfully retained his title as the Canadian DMC champion the following year. This time he felt prepared to go to the DMC World finals where he became the first Canadian ever to win the DMC World Supremacy Title in front of a judging panel that consisted of DJ legends such as Q-bert and Craze. With this momentum Vekked continued working on new material in preparation for the first ever International DJ Association (IDA) Canadian final which he went on to win as well. Soon after he travelled to Poland for the IDA World Finals and returned to North America a two-time world champion, the first North American to win an IDA world title, and the only DJ to win both the DMC and IDA world titles in the same year.

In 2013 Vekked successfully defended his Canadian DMC title for a record 3rd straight year, and later went on to defend his IDA World Title, becoming the first DJ to defend their title in that category. In 2014 he broke his own Canadian record by winning the national DMC title for the 4th time in a row. He placed top 3 in every category of DMC and IDA including the team categories where he came runner up with DJ Brace as "The Fresherthans". 

In 2015 Vekked became the 2015 DMC Online World Champion and the DMC World DJ Champion.

For more about DJ Vekked visit:

Gold TTM57mkII Mixer

  • This prize will be awarded to the DMC World Champion in October 2015.

  • Fully functional, with engraved wood sides.

  • Awarded to DJ Vekked in 2015

DJ Switch DMC World Champion 2014

Mr Switch aka Anthony Culverwell is one of the most talented & successful DJs to come out of the UK - noted worldwide for his versatility, party rocking abilities & scratch skills.

Having made his name on the DJ battle circuit, Switch's efforts led him to win the title of DMC WORLD CHAMPION in 2014, the longest standing DJ competition in the world. This is his 4th world title, following his back-to-back wins in the 'Battle For World Supremacy', 3 years in a row.

For more visit:

Gold Sixty-Four Mixer

  • Awarded to DJ Switch in 2014.
  • Fully functional.

DJ Fly DMC World Champion 2013

Born in Lyon, DJ FLY started his career in Rhône- Alpes’ clubs and it’s a big success! His technical ease behind turntables and his communicative energy move everyone to the dancefloor. Wishing to share his passion for music with friends, he creates the “Scratch Bandits Crew”, a group of DJs from Lyon, using scratch as a rhythmic and harmonic way to recreate original composiitions like a real group of musicians.

It’s now time for a new challenge. DJ FLY enters the DJ competitions and wins 6 DMC France cups, a title of France DMC Champion, a bronze medal at the DMC World Championship in 2007 and at last the most desired title ever for a dj becoming 2 DMC World Champion in 2008 & 2013!6 DMC France cups, a title of France DMC Champion, a bronze medal at the DMC World Championship in 2007 and at last the most desired title ever for a dj becoming 2 DMC World Champion in 2008 & 2013!

For more about DJ Fly, check out his Facebook page here:

Gold Sixty-Two Mixer

  • Awarded to DJ Fly in 2013.
  • Completely functional.

DJ Izoh DMC World Champion 2012

Japan's DJ IZOH started his DJ career when he saw a DJ-battle program on Television at age of 15. He developed his skills to deliver a massive performance, that sticks to a traditional form of Hip Hop, like body tricks, words play, and musical plots. His strong performance and enthusiasm is enough to draw the crowd into fascinating experience.

He first competed in 2000 for Japan's DMC competition. In 2005 he beat out his competition in Japan's DMC Finals and went on to claim 3rd prize at that year's DMC World Championships. In 2007, he became the world champion of WMC DJ SPIN-OFF in USA.

In 2011, he entered DMC once more and won the title in Japan by a landslide, and went on to get the 2nd prize at the world DMC finals.In 2012, he began new Hip Hop unit "SUPER SONICS" with TARO SOUL and took on the DMC challenge once again, only this time he became DMC 2012 WORLD CHAMPION.

For more about DJ IZOH, check out his Facebook page here:

Gold Sixty-Two Mixer 2012

  • Awarded to DMC Champion DJ Izoh in 2012.
  • Completely functional!

DJ Chris Karns (formally DJ Vajra) DMC World Champion 2011

DJ Chris Karns is an American turntablist, who won the 2011 DMC World DJ Championships. He has also won the 2002 WSTC World Championships, six DMC Regional Championships, and three Redbull Thre3style Championships.

He has produced songs for Ahmad and Mayer Hawthorne. Chris has also shared stages around the world with industry legends such as Run-D.M.C., A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Mos Def, and many others. He is currently the official touring DJ for Yelawolf and has started playing sets with Pretty Lights.

In April 2013, he auditioned as one of the nineteen contestants for the third season of VH1's DJ reality show,Master of the Mix. Despite making it to the finals with DJ Jayceeoh and DJ Incrediboi, he lost and became a runner-up with DJ Incrediboi.

Follow Chris Karns on Facebook:

Gold Sixty-Eight Mixer

Rane's first gold-plated mixer, and it works!
Awarded to DMC Champion DJ Vagra in 2011.
See the manufacturing process here.

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