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Seventy Two & Twelve


Cnspeace 9:55:34 - 16 October 2017

Are these products delayed in release or what ? There are tons of people confused. Some people are getting emails saying it is coming next year, some people are getting later this year and my dealer said Nov 15th. Are you going to do any press briefing ? Letting EVERYONE know it’s delayed or are these people getting this message because they ordered late?


Sicbeatz 1:18:09 - 06 December 2017

i guess they want to release it when everybody is broke after x-mass..lmao


Aptidda 12:30:18 - 20 December 2017

First off anyone that is “broke” probably cant afford any of this gear.

Second is the seventy two is dropping late February, that is if you pre-ordered. Not sure about the 12, why the delay? Rane is getting the release right with Serato first.

I sold my S9 like a month ago, resale value on those are falling in anticipation for the 72.


Anathema 11:27:33 - 19 October 2018

Greetings, excuse the brand new person butting in on the conversation but I am looking to invest in a digital controller and realizing now that it appears the Seventy Two & Twelve setup is for vinyl only- what would you suggest for someone looking to get into DJing and have performance ready gear out the gate? Thank you, any help in this matter is genuinely appreciated. My fiancée and I are EDM fans for years and looking to participate in the local scene from the production side in the coming years. Cheers!


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