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Rane MP2015 bugs


Finnfinnfinn 7:47:38 - 11 October 2017

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I’ve run across two different bugs related to the Sub function on the MP2015:

1: When having an FX unit (came across this with both a Strymon Timeline and a Digitech Obscura) on 100% wet on the submix and pressing the sub send on a channel, occasionally pressing it again won’t stop sending the channel to the submix. Switched off the pedal and waited for a while, and eventually it stopped sending on its own.

2: Sending a channel via sub send to submix resulted in an extreme level increase on the master level. I’m sure it would have blown out quite a few systems; luckily I was only mixing on headphones. Had to reboot the mixer which removed the bug.

Are you already familiar with these bugs, and is there any way to fix them at the moment?


maDJam 11:21:42 - 16 October 2017

I’ve been using a series of FX (from EFX-500/1000 to the Behringer $25 RV pedal) in the same “punch in” technique with the submix- none have ever had delays- prob an issue with the button?

Also set the levels on your pedals/external units correctly before using on a main system- been working great with me for the last few years


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