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TTM57 screws?

Dj MBezzle

Dj MBezzle 7:11:38 - 31 July 2017

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TTM 57SL Mixer


I don’t know if you guys can answer this since its not a supported product anymore (also because this may be a really really really stupid question) but what type of screws are used on the ttm 57 faceplate\fader (specifically the 4 screws holding the lower faceplate where the faders are).  I have been having an issue where the ribbon connecting the crossfader to the main board is coming unattached during gigs.  Not to big of a deal to fix (will a new ribbon correct this issue?) but it does require me to remove the faceplate and the fader, often during a gig.  Since these are usually high pressure times to do this ive managed to strip most of the screws down over time and need to replace them to prevent the area from becoming inaccessible (I have a backup 57 that has already become inaccessible that also needs the screws replaced).  Ive found a site that claims to have replacement screws (not sure if posting the site is against the rules here) but A) im not sure which of the listed screws are the ones I need B) the screws on that site are pretty expensive (like $8 for a screw which seems kinda high).  So what Im wondering is do I need to buy these from a specialty site or are these screws I can get in bulk from a local hardware store, if so is there like a name or designation for them, a size maybe???

Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks!   


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