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DJ Bag - Must have items!

Rafael M. Rane Forum Admin

Rafael M. 2:51:52 - 03 October 2013

Hey guys, this thread can be used to list cool items you have in your DJ Bag that come in handy fairly often.

- A “Pen Type” Fiber Glass Brush! Perfect for cleaning the 4 points on the inside of a Turntable Tone-Arm and other hard to reach areas that collect dirt and grime!
Link: Fiberglass Brush

- A Multi-Bit Screw Driver! You just never know when you need one!
Link: Multi-Bit Screw Driver

- An extra set of small backup Headphones just in case!
Link: Small Backup Ear Buds

- An 1/8” to RCA cord and an iPod/Cellphone or any other small device that will play Music in the case your Computer goes down!
Link: 1/8” to RCA Cord
and here: iPod Shuffle


djmel 2:24:24 - 17 November 2013

flash light . batteries(aaa.9v.aa) a multitude of adapters(1/8 to rca. etc) pro gold spary(100%) deoxit spray (100%) caig lube mcl(100%) or deoxit survieval kit. usb cables and adapters. swiss army tools of all kinds.


Detroitbb 2:16:29 - 18 November 2013

Like djmel said, a flashlight is essential. I also have a mini-tube set of Caig products (like this: http://i44.tinypic.com/vyurtk.jpg ). Extra cables and vinyl also.

Oh, I almost forgot - a bubble level for the turntables.


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