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New El Capitan OSX 10.11 Update

Shaun Whitcher Rane Forum Admin

Shaun Whitcher 6:50:41 - 05 October 2015

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Hello Rane DJs,

Rane CoreAudio drivers do not currently support Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11).

We do not recommend updating to El Capitan. We are currently investigating serious compatibility issues with hardware connectivity and audio. We’re working hard to ensure stability with this OS as soon as possible and there will be updates that add support in the near future. We will update this article once the issue is solved.

This affects these Rane products:

SL 2
SL 3
SL 4

Serato DJ also has problems with El Capitan. Please check serato.com for updates.

Traktor also has problems with El Capitan. Please check native-instruments.com for updates.

For more: https://dj.rane.com/support/knowledge-base/el-capitan-update


Jonny Townsend 10:18:19 - 21 October 2015

MP2015 has this issue too.


stame 6:10:11 - 30 October 2015

Hey wake up!


dj-tech 1:58:15 - 07 December 2015

Dear RANE stuff, came years ago from SL1 to SL2. RANE states NOT to change into the new OSX Upgrade EL Capitan. After more than 2 months of introduction of OSX 10.11.00 YOUR customers still have serious issues. Others like NI offer SOLUTIONS in certified EL-capitan-drivers. I am WETHER able to record with a working EL-Capitan-core-audio-driver NOR using Serato DJ 1.8.0 (certified in between) with my SL-2. Can still count on RANE’s competency. I subsume that RANE had the chance to participate in the OSX Beta-programm of Apple (months before the public release) to have the chance to accumulate sufficient knowledge, Where is it gone ?


Ryan G 7:09:58 - 09 December 2015

Any development with a driver update?? I’m debating whether or not to wip my machine and start from scratch with an older version of Yosemite?? Is it likely to be months or weeks??

Zach Stone Rane Forum Admin

Zach Stone 11:24:13 - 09 December 2015

They are being worked on but no ETA yet.

Regardless… the support team here at Rane, who are all DJs as well, would never recommend anyone update to the latest OS. We all stay one OS behind so we don’t ever have to deal with these growing pains. I would definitely suggest everyone do the same. I will not be updating to El Capitan until Mac releases their next OS.


Ryan G 11:27:33 - 09 December 2015

Cheers for the swift reply, ah yeah it was a rookie mistake that I won’t be making again, it was my first mac. It was a lot less stressful when all I had to bring to a club was a bag of records!! No worries, I’m just gonna revert back to Yosemite.


dj-tech 11:58:49 - 09 December 2015

Cheers. Thanks for letting us DJs/RANE-customers know what NOT to do. I think a real competent RANE - developer - TEAM should show us what THEY CAN do for us DJs (esp. when urgently needed). The Benchmark with providing reliable drivers for state-of-the-art OS is not with RANE setting - they follow. Even the Serato-Team states to be compatible at this time - NOT our RANE - hardware opposite to others. Pls show us DJs that our investment in RANE-hardware brings the return that we can expect. Thanks a lot in advance.


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