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Beast Mode?


DJ G.MAC! 12:08:42 - 05 September 2013

I just got the 62 today (thank you, thank you! *takes bow) and I saw something about a Beast Mode code. Now I know it puts a nice little display on the 62 screen, but does it do anything else?


DJ G.MAC! 12:01:46 - 05 September 2013

Ok! Thanks for the info! One last question though, once I apply it, how do I make it go away?


DJ G.MAC! 12:16:18 - 05 September 2013

Oh ok! Thanks, Trevor! Loving the forums, and a longtime fan of the products!

Dj Khaos

Dj Khaos 5:21:15 - 10 January 2015

Clearly I’m late on this post but I just got my 62 last week and would LOVE to know how to go into beast mode! How is this done?


djrobin3124 1:24:35 - 12 July 2016

What up Im a new dj Im looking for a site to store my audio do you guys have any sites that i can use


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