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Crossing Over


DjEMIX 4:12:32 - 20 March 2014

Software Being Used
TTM57SL second edition

Software Version
scratch live

Operating System



External Hard Drive

Affected Products
TTM 57SL Mixer

is it true? I heard from a rep who called the software buddies at Rane to confirm that the ttm 57SL can cross over to the new serato dj? Is that true? Just as long as the sound card is SL2 or higher, SL1 will be obsolete…wondering if all this is true or not because I just purchased the ttm57SL second edition and hoping that the sound is higher than the SL1.

Shaun Whitcher Rane Forum Admin

Shaun Whitcher 2:12:43 - 11 April 2014

No, sorry, this isn’t true. The TTM 57SL will not be compatible with Serato DJ.


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