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DJ FUINHA 7:21:37 - 26 February 2014

Hello I’m getting a Pioneer DDJ-SX. It comes with SERATO DJ. I would like to use with Serato SL Technics SL1200 in the SERATO DJ controller that comes with the DDJ-SX, but taking advantage of all the resources that the DDJ-SX and SERATO DJ offer, such as hot cues, effects, etc.. To this I simply purchase the SERATO SL to use the time code vinyls and configure SERATO DJ to receive their signal? If the answer is positive, all models SERATO SL would work or is there some specific model?
In the video the link is a demonstration that the DJ is using the DDJ-SX with turntables and managing music both on turntable as the DDJ-SX. That’s exactly what I do.



Detroitbb 3:43:09 - 27 February 2014

The Pioneer controller that you are getting (the DDJ-SX) only works with Serato DJ - it won’t work with Serato Scratch Live. That is the agreement that Pioneer and Serato came to in their partnership. This forum is for Rane audio gear, so your question is best directed at those other two companies (Serato and Pioneer).

That being said, Serato DJ does support DVS (timecode vinyl), but not with the Pioneer DDJ-SX. If you want to use timecode vinyl, you’d need the Pioneer DDJ‑SZ.


DJ FUINHA 1:34:31 - 01 April 2014

Ok, I understand the answer. But I have another question: If I purchase the Serato SL there is the possibility of mapping software on the DDJ-SX? And if there is that possibility where I can make a tutorial for the mapping?


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