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Lowering Memory Usage & Keeping a Tidy Serato Library


crescendo 5:48:51 - 23 December 2013

If this is obvious, please excuse my ignorance.

1. Is there any downside to shortening folder paths even more, from:

Mac HD > Users > Name > Music > Folder01
Mac HD > Folder01

Especially since I will most likely have more subfolders within Folder01, 02, 03, etc.
Mac HD > Users > Name > Music > Folder01 > DEC DnB 2013 or
Mac HD > Users > Name > Music > Folder01 > JAN HH 2014
Mac HD > Users > Name > Music > Folder01 > DJ CITY > DJC DOWNS 13

P.S. I’m slowly trying to just tag my music w/the month/year to rid month/year crates/sub-crates.  When I download new music, it’s just easiest for me to download and find my new music in the month/date folder I create.  I then drag that folder’s contents into its own crate in SSL.  But, I’ve accumulated a LOT of those crates.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.  The blog was helpful and encouraging.

Shaun Whitcher Rane Forum Admin

Shaun Whitcher 11:52:40 - 31 December 2013

Before moving your music back to your internal drive, open iTunes and make sure your music is playable by playing random songs in iTunes. Does everything play properly?

If so, select one of the song and Get Info for it (keyboard shortcut Command - I ) and under the summary tab, look at the ‘Where’ listing to see where iTunes is finding a few of your songs. Hopefully, they’ll all be located on your external drive.

One you verify iTunes is reading all your music from your external drive, open SSL and go into the Scratch Live setup screen Library tab and select the Read iTunes Library option. This should import all of your iTunes playlist like you had it before. One your playlist are loaded, make sure your songs (within the playlists) play OK.

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