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ttm56 sets new standard


Following the success of the Rane TTM54, DJs challenged us to build a mixer with a fader that would never wear out and that had the critical feel and travel for scratching. I began work on a non-contact fader and in 2001 Rane introduced the TTM56, the first mixer in the industry to provide a computer controlled non-contact magnetic fader (U.S. patent granted in 2004). The fader system had no travel noise, no bleed, and lasted the life-time of the mixer. The result was a reliable instrument that was a perfect match for Hip-Hop artists and Turntablist.


The TTM56 also offered:

  • Continuously adjustable contour controls for up-faders

  • Independent and continuously adjustable contour controls for each side of the crossfader

  • Session I/O for chaining multiple mixers together

  • 3-Band Isolator EQs

  • Wet/Dry PAN for FlexFx loop

  • Universal power supply


The TTM56 represents a mature battle mixer and is still considered by many to be the best “analog” turntablist mixer available. It remains in production today as the TTM56S.


Next up: Digital Mixing.


Rick Jeffs

Senior Design Engineer

Rane Corporation


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