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Tag: Tips & Tricks

Using Traktor with Rane Mixers

Are you a fan of the Rane Sixty-Four and/or Sixty-Two and its tight integration with Serato software but prefer using Traktor? Fear not, we're here to make your life a little easier by sharing a mapping we whipped up which gives you control of Traktor's main functions right at your fingertips.


Preparing and Analyzing Files

Before DJing with Serato, it is essential to analyze your music. The Analyze Files function processes the music in your library to detect file corruption. Deleting all files found corrupt is a great way to avoid possible playback issues and crashes.


Lowering Memory Usage & Keeping a Tidy Serato Library

This article explains the variables that make up a large library, the limitations of 32-bit applications and techniques to help improve library management.


Rane Sixty-Four with Serato DJ Video Demo

Rane Sixty-Four mixers are now shipping to a local Rane dealer near you. While you're waiting for your new mixer to arrive, check out this nicely done and informative user-submitted video by SeratoTutor.


Midi Mapping Loop Rolls to the Rane Sixty-Two Cue Buttons

This article will explain how to MIDI map the mixer’s Cue buttons so they have their own loop length. This frees up one of your hands and allows you to trigger any Loop Roll with the press of a button and generate some cool roll effects. Some may refer to this as “Dicer” type Loop Rolls. Let’s begin!