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Tag: Mixing Techniques

Syncing Serato DJ and Maschine through the Rane Sixty-Four

Native Instrument’s Maschine is a great tool both in the studio and for live performances. Until now there has been no way to sync a Serato program with Maschine without the use of the Bridge. Here is a quick how-to video tutorial that walks you through setting up this unique and awesome feature.


How to Properly Set Rane Mixer Level Controls

Correctly setting DJ mixer level controls is one of the most important contributors to creating an excellent sounding system. Once you master the fundamental principles you'll know how to get the best possible audio quality from your Rane DJ mixer.


the benefits & traps of key notation software

Mixing in key is an important factor when performing, depending on the type of music being played. Tracks that have harmonies and melodies in a specific key don't sound good when blended with similar tracks not in the same key. Fortunately, with the invention of key notation software, mixing in key, or harmonic mixing, has never been easier.