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Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals

Who’s ready for the 2013 Red Bull ThreStyle World Finals? If you’re a competing DJ, I’m sure you’re practicing like crazy right now, because this year, the competition is absolutely insane, the stakes even higher, and Rane, once again, has something very special for the lucky DJ crowned as the next Red Bull Thre3Style World Champion.


Announcing this year’s grand prize

We’re very proud to announce the newest addition of Rane prize mixers—the first of its kind—a copper topped Rane Sixty-Two mixer.

But that’s not all

We’re also pleased to announce that the 2013 Red Bull Thre3Style World Champion will also receive a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, copper Rane SL4.


But wait, there’s more!

Because we love our Red Bull Thre3Style Rane DJs so much, we crafted custom skinned Red Bull Thre3Style SL4s for this year’s Red Bull Thre3Style World Finalists.



What is the Red Bull Thre3Style?

For the past three years, Red Bull Thre3Style events have been wowing crowds and gaining worldwide recognition. Last year’s local favorite, Four Color Zack, took home the 2012 World Champion title for Seattle (go Zack!). If you’re not familiar with the Red Bull Thre3Style, you’re in for a treat.


DJ Jazzy Jeff at US National Finals - Photographer Credit: Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool


Taken from

“Red Bull Thre3style pits the world's best DJs in a competition that values technical skill as much as the ability to thrill a dancefloor. Competitors are judged on the dual platforms of technical ability and crowd reaction, and are given just 15 minutes each to prove that they're the best in the room. Judges work to a strict criteria that also marks DJs on their originality in song choices, confidence performing and mixing prowess.


This year, 21 countries will send a representative to battle on the global stage. From Azerbaijan to the USA, Belgium to Chile, Korea to Switzerland; whether their battling at a local or national level, all roads lead to Toronto and the chance to be crowned Red Bull Thre3style World Champion 2013.”


What are the rules?

Unlike similar DJ battles, Red Bull’s Thre3Style approaches the concept of DJ battles in a completely new way, resulting in extremely exciting, unique and crowd pleasing moments.   


Taken from

“Each DJ has to play a minimum of 3 genres. In the spirit of Geoffrey Sumner - "This is supposed to be a journey into sound. A journey which along the way will bring us new value, new color, new dimension." We are sure you get the drift. Every competitor gets one 15 minute performance with the goal to impress the judges and excite the crowed. No matter what level of the competition you are participating in, the judges of your Thre3style performance will be using these criteria:


  • 20% Originality of your Track Selection
    (White Labels, Edits, Own Routines, Dubplates)
  • 30% Creativity of your mixing
    (Composition, Blends, Note Play, Word Play)
  • 30% Technicality of your mixing
    (Cutting, Scratching, Juggling, etc.)
  • 10% Stage Presence
    (You don't have to ‘wile’ out to have stage presence)
    This is important!
  • 10% Crowd Response
    (You leave them wanting more)


DJ Donnie Dee at US National Finals - Photographer Credit: Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool


Check out highlights from the recent Canadian Red Bull Thre3Style National Finals





Our hat goes off to all the DJs that made it to the 2013 Red Bull Thre3Style World Championship. Good luck and have fun!

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