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Rane Sixty-Four Hardware Effects How-to Video


Do you use a Rane Sixty-Four mixer and want to learn more about the powerful built-in effects? In this in-depth video tutorial Todd Konix (aka SeratoTutor) walks you through how to use each effect and how they affect the music you're playing.


The effects within the Rane Sixty-Four include:

Filter (choose between):

• High-Pass Sync High

• High-Pass Sync Low

• Low-Pass Sync High

• Low-Pass Sync Low


Flanger (choose between modes):

• Positive Feedback

• Negative Feedback


Echo (choose between):

• Echo 

• High-Pass Echo

• Hold Echo 

• High-Pass Hold Echo

For High-Pass Echo and High Pass Hold Echo, you can adjust the cutoff frequency of the High-Pass filter.



• Bit crusher type effect with adjustable high or low pitch shift 



• Standard reverb with adjustable intensity and decay time


For more information about the Sixty-Four mixer, check out the Rane Sixty-Four product page for more videos, image gallery, tech Specs, and downloads.


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