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coming soon: the Rane sixty-four


You’ve mastered mixing and scratching on two channels. Pushing the limit is in your nature and it’s time to raise the bar. The Rane Sixty-Four mixer and Serato DJ software are the tools you need to step your game up. More channels, more decks, more effects… Challenge accepted.


The Sixty-Four’s tight integration with Serato DJ software provides intuitive control of Serato DJ features like Libraries, Sync, Slip, Jump-to-loop and samples, without taking your eyes off the mixer or packing extra gear. Four layers of MIDI mappable controls provide the flexibility required to control any combination of Serato DJ and 3rd party applications.


Seamlessly switch from one DJ to the next using any combination of Serato DJ and 3rd-party software. With a computer plugged into each USB port, simply switch a mixer source selector to the desired USB source and audio and MIDI are instantly assigned. 22 channels per USB port provides the resource you need for music production, re-mixing and routing iZotope effects to your post fader mix.


The Rane Sixty-Four FlexFx Loop is the ultimate solution for flexible control of your audio effects. Quickly and easily add and remove audio channels from the loop, apply any of the six built-in beat synchronized effects, use Serato DJ iZotope effects post-fader and add an external effects processor, in any combination!


Each deck on the Sixty-Four has its own dedicated 3-band isolator EQs and High-Pass/Low-Pass filters. These controls allow you to take full control of your mix. Use the full-cut EQs to tune it just the way you want it and use the High-Pass/Low-Pass filter knob to smoothly transition from one track to another or add an effect.



Stay tuned for more information about the Rane Sixty-Four for Serato DJ and the official announcement at BPM in Birmingham, UK!

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