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Category: Reference

We Love HID

Gone are the days of needing to use store-bought CDs, control discs, or even USB sticks to play your jams. The HID protocol present in many CD players has made things a lot more functional and enjoyable for DJs who use them as their weapon of choice. This article will walk you through the steps to get your CD players communicating with your favorite DJ software.




How To Be an Official Rane DJ

More DJs than ever before are reaching out to us and asking, "How can I become an official Rane DJ?” This is a very good question and one we want to openly discuss with all you Rane gear lovers.


How-to Consolidate Multiple Scratch Live Libraries

As hard drive storage space increases and the price for larger drives drop, the urge to consolidate everything to one drive is growing. This Rane Knowledge Base article will walk you through the process of properly consolidating Scratch Live libraries from multiple hard drives onto a single hard drive.


Preparing and Analyzing Files

Before DJing with Serato, it is essential to analyze your music. The Analyze Files function processes the music in your library to detect file corruption. Deleting all files found corrupt is a great way to avoid possible playback issues and crashes.


A Detailed Video Overview of the Rane Sixty-Two Effects

Do you use a Rane Sixty-Two mixer and want to learn more about the powerful built-in effects? In this in-depth video tutorial Todd Konix (aka SeratoTutor) walks you through how to use each effect and how they sound.