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Category: Method and Technique

Rane Sixty-Four How-To Demo by Urban Assault

What could be better than watching Faust & Shortee rock the Rane Sixty-Four mixer? How about a video demo about how they pulled off some of their amazing tricks? Check out this great how-to video from our friends Urban Assault for some insider tips and tricks.


Preparing and Analyzing Files

Before DJing with Serato, it is essential to analyze your music. The Analyze Files function processes the music in your library to detect file corruption. Deleting all files found corrupt is a great way to avoid possible playback issues and crashes.


A Detailed Video Overview of the Rane Sixty-Two Effects

Do you use a Rane Sixty-Two mixer and want to learn more about the powerful built-in effects? In this in-depth video tutorial Todd Konix (aka SeratoTutor) walks you through how to use each effect and how they sound.


Lowering Memory Usage & Keeping a Tidy Serato Library

This article explains the variables that make up a large library, the limitations of 32-bit applications and techniques to help improve library management.


Syncing Serato DJ and Maschine through the Rane Sixty-Four

Native Instrument’s Maschine is a great tool both in the studio and for live performances. Until now there has been no way to sync a Serato program with Maschine without the use of the Bridge. Here is a quick how-to video tutorial that walks you through setting up this unique and awesome feature.