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2013 DMC World Championships


Once again, the 100 best DJs from over 30 nations converged on London, UK, to sort out who would be able to claim the title of 2013 World DMC Champion. This year the DMC Championships celebrated its 30th Anniversary of being the top DJ Battle worldwide. The competition was hot as ever, with faster, smoother and better routines than we have witnessed in the past. Not everybody will be able to agree on the all-time ultimate DMC performance, but one thing was clear when the dust settled this year, DJ Fly from France was taking home the title of  2013 DMC World Champion. Not only does that include the recognition from peers and the sought after DMC Champion’s jacket and Gold record, but this year it also included the Gold Rane Sixty-Two.


DJ Fly -  2013 DMC World Champion


That isn’t to say that DJ Fly was the only Champion crowned on October 5th. The DMC World Championships also holds the World DJ Team Championships and the Battle for World Supremacy. Every category, including the DMC Online Competition, saw a new winner crowned in 2013. Here is a breakdown of the winners:

DMC World DJ Champions 2013

1st: DJ Fly (France)
2nd: Ritchie Ruftone (UK)
3rd: Jon 1st (UK)

DMC World Battle For Supremacy 2013

1st: Ritchie Ruftone (UK)
2nd: DJ Vekked (Canada)

DMC World Team Champions 2013

1st: Mr Viktor, Deksa & DJ Hertz (France)
2nd: Mixfitz (Belgium)

DMC Online DJ Championships 2013

1st: Jon 1st (UK)
2nd: DJ Vekked (Canada)
3rd: Ritchie Ruftone (UK)


Can these winners hold onto their titles in 2014? One thing we know for sure, there are thousands of DJs aiming to take that title and glory from these Champions next year. We can hardly wait to get it all started again and Rane is proud to be the official sponsor of the DMC Championships. We are also proud to report that all of the 2013 DMC World Champions use Rane mixers at home as well as at the World finals. Rane mixers have been tried and trusted by Champions worldwide.

A new addition to the World DMC Championships this year were the all-day workshops. People had the chance to soak up the early elimination rounds or hop over to workshops covering Beatboxing, Popping & Locking, as well as a DJ clinic hosted by DJ Tigerstyle and DJ Woody. The 2013 DMC World Championships ushered in a new era of entertainment on its 30th Anniversary and they look to grow even larger for 2014. Enjoy some of the photos from the 2013 DMC World Championships held in London, UK, Oct. 5th.


The 2013 DMC World Championship prizes


Ritchie Ruftone - 2013 DMC World Supremacy Champion


Mr Viktor, Deksa & DJ Hertz - 2013 DMC World Team Champions


Jon1st - 2013 DMC World Online Champion


DJ Vekked - Always keeping DJs on their toes. Judges Cash Money and Switch in the background.


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