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Rane—Exclusive Designs from the USA

Based in Mukilteo, WA, Rane’s products are designed exclusively in the United States and distributed to specialized markets worldwide. The commitment to quality, reliability and customer service comes from deep within a company’s DNA, its “soul,” if you will.  We live and breathe this stuff. We play, we DJ and we install systems. Nothing will ever distract us from our dedication to our products and customers. That’s our highest priority. 


Rane Environmental Efforts

As a U.S. Company in the Pacific Northwest, Rane is keenly aware of the importance of our environment. From its beginning in 1981, Rane has always operated with an environmental conscience as a natural order of business: it is simply the most efficient, effective and ethical way to run a company.

Here is a list of Rane’s many environmentally friendly efforts:

· Member of ENERGY STAR® advisory committee on audio/video standards.

· Rane designs products that are "built to last and last." Rane’s use of software upgrades, making old products new again, minimizes notions of "disposable."

· Extensive use of in-house Print-On-Demand resources allows us to print the exact number of documents needed with no waste caused by obsolete or unused paperwork.

· All manuals and reference materials are available online so customers don't have to order paper-based information.

· Packaging materials are made from recycled materials wherever possible.

· All facilities recently converted to on-demand energy efficient lighting.

· Office furniture bought used from Craigslist. Most upper management desks are over 20 years old with no plans to replace them.

· Company vehicle (the “Ranemobile”) is all-electric.

· Reduce and reuse extensively. Rane buys as little new as possible and then uses and reuses everything. When done using and reusing, Rane gives it away to our employees for their use and reuse at home. The many “Great Rane Giveaways” are very popular with our employees.

· Recycle all office paper, junk mail, cardboard, glass and aluminum cans.

· Buy locally when possible, supporting local vendors and reducing transportation emissions.

· Office is located where employees have very short commutes. Many ride the bus or bicycle to work.

· All grounds landscaping maintenance refuse is composted.

Overall Rane strives to be an example for all manufacturers following the wisdom of “reduce, reuse, recycle.”