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SL2 and El Capitan lag issue


Adam.h 10:58:39 - 15 June 2017

Software Being Used
Serato DJ

Software Version

Operating System
El Capitan



Affected Products

Hello, I have followed the instructions (http://dj.rane.com/support/knowledge-base/el-capitan-troubleshooting) several times now and managed to get my SL2 working. It has the latest firmware and I am running the latest version of Serato DJ. Unfortunately there is an audio out lag. I can see that the waveform in Serato appears to be accurate and move in time with the vinyl, but there is about a second delay with the audio out. I have set the buffer size from 1 to 20 with very little effect. I have also tried adjusting the noise level on each channel which made no difference.
Is there anything else I can try?


Adam.h 2:38:32 - 19 June 2017



Adam.h 1:28:40 - 19 July 2017

Do I have a very expensive paperweight….?


NotEazy 1:21:32 - 17 August 2017

Hey bro, looks like noone cares about the forums.

Have you tried to switch off your wifi?
On my mac I had a similar issue. I start playing, then switch on wifi and the lag appears. But that happens only if I switch on wifi while SDJ is opened. If I switch on wifi and then start SDJ there is no problem. Maybe you should check this.


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