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TTM56 Power supply


Sgk29 7:12:24 - 12 April 2017

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Hi guys!

I purchased my first Rane TTM56 in France 10 years ago. I am still using it as it never let me down. I recently moved to the US and obviously power voltage is different. I have used until today a RS1 Model - 230v 50Hz power supply as it is the norm in Europe. However,  It is not stated that it is compatible with 120v 60Hz like it is on the TT56S model. I don’t want to fry my mixer so I am wondering what my options would be to get it to work here. Should I get a 230v to 120v convertor or should I try to find a US RSI -120v 60hz power supply? I am not even sure that would work. Did anybody had the same problem in the past with using European Rane products in the US?

Thank you in advance for your advice


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