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Rane 62 buttons and knobs


NotEazy 1:08:10 - 17 March 2017

Software Being Used
Serato DJ

Software Version

Operating System
OSX El Capitan


16 GB

External Hard Drive

Affected Products

I have some broken cue buttons on my Rane 62 and some missing knobs. As I have read somewhere in the forums here and Serato people were suggesting to send email directly to shaunw(at)rane(dot)com, so I did it :) Then I had reply that email is not found. After that emailed to info(at)rane(dot)com a couple of days ago but still no answer :( My question is: can I purchase buttons/knobs directly from Rane or I should be searching for some 3rd party seller of those? If possible to purchase from Rane please give me a direction of how to do it.

Thank you!


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