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i am a Rane dj

My music is my passion. I live to rock the crowd. I've put my blood, sweat, and tears into my craft and I have the scars to prove it. I'm always working, always improving, and accepting nothing short of perfection. It's more than music. It's my life. I am a Rane DJ.

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Events & Clinics

date location event
19 Jun 2014 to 25 Sep 2014 New York City, NY Tools of War presents True School NYC Summer Park Jams Series 2014
23 Aug 2014 New York, NY Rane Presents the 2014 DMC US Finals DJ Battle
28 Aug 2014 Vancouver, BC Rane Presents the 2014 DMC Vancouver, BC Regional DJ Battle with DJ Revolution
13 Sep 2014 to 15 Sep 2014 Birmingham, UK 2014 BPM DJ & Electronic Music Production Event
28 Sep 2014 to 2 Oct 2014 Las Vegas, NV 2014 Video DJ Conference
5 Oct 2014 London, England Rane Presents DMC World Championship 2014

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