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Rane At The Decibel Festival 2014

Its that time of the year again. Kids are back in school, the end of summer is around the corner, and the buzz of one of Seattle’s best weeks of music, the Decibel festival, is cascading across the lips of ravers and club goers everywhere.

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Fight Night with AL3

Jet-setting around the world with Rane DJ, AL3, the official DJ for the UFC. Over the past few years, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has held events in dozens of countries and nearly every State within the United States. Providing the soundtrack for fight fans along the way has been AL3, a proud and long time user of Rane mixers.

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Where To Go For Support With Serato Software and Your Hardware Device

Rane has an exuberant amount of pride in great customer support. If you’ve ever needed someone to talk to regarding an issue with your Serato software when coupled with a Rane unit you would know this. In the continued spirit and ongoing devotion to great support we thought it a good time to inform the public on how support channels now work in lieu of Serato and Rane’s non exclusivity.

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Moving Your Library and Crates to a New Computer or Hard Drive

At some point in your DJ life, you will inevitably need to move your Serato Software library to another computer or to another hard drive. This article walks you through common scenarios of moving your library around.

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